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  1. Anon

    5:44 am

    “US geography as seen by Europeans”, except not.

  2. mofogie

    12:39 pm

    Actually, that’s kinda how americans see America too.

  3. European

    1:48 pm

    I’m European and this is not how i see the US.

  4. a european

    4:34 pm

    Hmm, to make it more accurate: enlarge the grey zone until the borders reach the actual Texas, California and New York and Florida.

  5. bobbiraptor

    1:09 am

    The peach area is AMERICA’S WANG.
    The Simpsons taught me that. You wouldn’t argue with the Simpsons….. would you?

  6. Jesse

    8:32 pm

    How Texans see America

  7. KasparVonZeppelin

    5:41 pm

    I see there are more things in the US than I thought.

  8. Rob

    1:49 pm

    Wot about the bit that sits on top of Canada?

  9. Wisconsin

    3:02 pm

    Poor Wisconsin…

  10. Just Alex

    9:54 pm

    They forgot “Red Sox Nation” ;)

  11. European

    4:47 pm

    This isn’t how I see America either

  12. jase

    4:59 pm

    Lol I’m going to go with the comment from “a European.”

  13. mister

    5:20 pm

    I’m European and this is exactly how I see the US.

  14. anonno

    5:31 pm

    I don’t think Europeans know this many details about the individual states.

  15. jkl

    5:52 pm

    Actually my map would be single-coloured and it would read “hamburgers and cowboys”

  16. Ryoichi

    7:13 pm

    Of course this is not how I see America either but that’s not the point about this picture.
    I don’t know who made this but he should’ve put Las Vegas in the middle of Nevada because EVERYONE knows that Las Vegas is in Nevada. (Due to all the thousands of movies or tv episodes that play in Las Vegas)

  17. sds

    9:18 pm

    Sometimes we just see it all red hahah

  18. Random German Guy

    10:18 pm

    The other map was better. not everyone in europe knows that starbucks was founded in Seattle.

  19. ;))

    10:37 pm

    Funny how you expect the rest of the world to know about every single state, but you can’t point out other countries in a globe………

  20. Claudia

    11:09 pm

    They totally forgot Kansas, from The wizard of Oz. Europeans know that!