• Oh it’s going to be like that, huh?
  • A very striking resemblance…
  • What Facebook does to you…
  • Name the three types of rock
  • Do the dishes Flash!
  • Your band sucks
  • How were you born?
  • Why do we fight?
  • Just two more minutes…
  • Real life Super Mario coin block
  • Wait, is that…?
  • Time Warp Activated

7 September, 2011 in Music | 2 Comments


  1. Daniel

    4:07 pm

    Queen of POP, Madonna, ALIVE
    Queen of SOUL, Arethea Franklin, ALIVE
    Queen of ROCK, Tina Turner, ALIVE
    Queen of RAP, Missy Elliot, ALIVE

  2. Amy Lynn

    5:29 am

    You should add Johnny Cash to that for Country.