• Finally warm…
  • Merry Christmas everyone…
  • Dubstep Conductor…
  • Life would be so much better…
  • Hey Batman…
  • Those few months of the year that I’m happy
  • Stick to your own world Mario…
  • Best buddies
  • It’s over, Cheeseburger has been had
  • ‘The Lion King’ paper sculpture
  • You said we were going to the park, why did you leave?
  • ATLAS and P-body of Portal 2 in Lego form
  1. James

    5:36 pm

    Who types like that?

  2. Aino

    4:53 pm

    Haha that person isn’t even doing anything.

  3. ;) :)

    4:56 pm

    Aino and James, why you hate. It is called a joke. Look it up.