• Five minutes to close…
  • Men never grow up…
  • I was in charge of bringing the cups
  • I’m coming
  • Come on Facebook…
  • F-Bomb
  • How I feel when I find money in my pants’ pockets
  • I’m not modeling…
  • Poor E-mail Choices
  • Look at the center of the picture and it will disappear
  • Your superhero name is going to suck…
  • Dear Blackberry Auto-Correct
  1. No Name

    6:21 pm

    Snow white scene printed over Tarzan & Jane scene

  2. Gen

    6:29 pm

    Ah! It’s Jane and Tarzan!

  3. Anders

    7:22 pm


  4. Conjunction Junction

    7:35 pm

    Those cheap Disney bastards.