• Landing on my feet is overrated…
  • Nobody cares about that…
  • A question that has burned inside me for decades
  • Don’t talk to me like that…
  • Hangover dog
  • Why girls go the the bathroom together…
  • There’s always that one guy…
  • I secretly hate it!
  • First to finish the test
  • Scumbag Earth
  • And with a rebel yell…
  • Driftwood, La Push Beach, Washington
  1. Big Matt

    8:20 am

    Too drunk, figure it out tomorrow.

  2. jefre

    11:43 am

    I dislike this! It’s not even funny.

  3. eccentrica

    12:34 pm

    You trying to troll?
    this pic is awesome

  4. d(-_-)b

    2:57 pm

    – Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) ; — used as a propellant in rocketry. :|