• He’ll protect us all…
  • Anyone who has ever sold anything on Craigslist can relate to this…
  • Every time I order something online…
  • The Perfect Timing
  • The soufflé!
  • Is it ever going to end?
  • The most comfortable place to sleep
  • Oh Decepticons, you so dumb…
  • I’m ready!
  • Global revolution
  • Greatest job in the world?
  • Now I feel old
  1. Big Matt

    8:20 am

    Too drunk, figure it out tomorrow.

  2. jefre

    11:43 am

    I dislike this! It’s not even funny.

  3. eccentrica

    12:34 pm

    You trying to troll?
    this pic is awesome

  4. d(-_-)b

    2:57 pm

    – Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) ; — used as a propellant in rocketry. :|