• A pretty good impression…
  • You have had one of these…
  • What’s your excuse now?
  • Cook Dog…
  • Scumbag Frodo…
  • He was never drunk, it all makes sense now…
  • Dean Winchester just saw something…
  • How I used to do Geometry…
  • The easiest Bane costume…
  • My driving rules…
  • Crazy? I was crazy once…
  • I’ll just leave my cow here
  1. gotjen

    11:23 pm

    Michael Jackson and… ?

  2. anonymous

    5:23 pm

    Hmmm.. let me think… could it be Freddy Mercury… no.. oh wait… yes it is!

  3. wahwah

    4:55 am

    Freddy Mercury, former lead singer of queen. RIP.

  4. halfasemitone

    6:13 pm

    Michael Jackson “AND….???????”

    Dude seriously.

  5. mike

    2:07 am

    these guys totally did a song together. “There Must Be More to Life Than This.” It’s alright.

  6. Rachel

    7:55 pm

    Dude, the picture isn’t about them just talking, look at the guys bonner! heellloo, hahaha.

  7. SCruzer

    4:10 am

    I like how you think Rachel lol

  8. Misa

    2:02 pm

    Freddy Mercury and… ;)