• Well, technically it’s not wrong…
  • Kitten logic…
  • They finally made it the right size…
  • Yo, dog…
  • Don’t be this guy…
  • Watching a new show…
  • Finally something to do…
  • True romance
  • Fancy hamster
  • Is this dog?
  • Suddenly, an idea!
  • Argh! Nooo! Please don’t kill me mister penguin!

25 November, 2011 in Internet | 3 Comments


  1. pognet

    8:54 pm

    No; that’s not how twins work. They would most likely be similar, but they would end up different if they came from different sets of parents.

  2. Pam

    8:55 pm

    This “bothers” me.

  3. F**kence

    2:41 pm

    It would be like 2 kids from the same dads. Are you identical to your borther?