• The last person I kissed was…
  • See you guys…
  • Reading in peace…
  • Look who finally decided to show.
  • Please don’t leave me
  • Happens way too often
  • Get my explanation?
  • Comfy bed
  • Well, he’s right
  • Problem Bible?
  • Justin Bieber’s the best
  • I miss you
  1. Ichneumon

    8:25 pm

    Wow, speaking of lies… It takes a lot of distortion to try to make a traitor look harmless. And no, that’s not what the “DoD confirmed”, nor would it be the whole story if they had.

    Stop shilling for the leftist propaganda, please, it diminishes both you and this site. Making this site similar to Pravda during the Soviet era is a huge disservice to your followers.