• Dolphin’s all like, what?
  • Gamer Dog appreciates suggestions…
  • A bookworm’s Christmas tree…
  • Falling in love
  • Yeah, sure…
  • What I think of your cheesy picture…
  • Now you’re thinking with portals
  • I think my cat might be retarded
  • Group Project meaning
  • It’s so quiet…
  • The heatwave hit everybody pretty hard
  • Yes, yes…her soul will do
  1. steve

    2:39 am

    I don’t get this one

  2. jst

    2:51 pm

    Yeah I don’t get it either.

  3. fresh

    2:59 pm

    Look at c. littoris

  4. omega

    1:11 am

    A troll professor…..men that would be awesome!!