• Don’t feel bad about doing nothing…
  • Punch me in the face…
  • I don’t know how not to swear…
  • Hillbilly…
  • If I choose you…
  • Nyan Subway
  • Narnian bathroom
  • Don’t mess with baby Gerbils
  • Since you can’t make them…
  • The only valid reason I’ve come up with so far
  • Tent design has come a long way
  • Y U NO?

21 May, 2012 in Comedy | 3 Comments


  1. Big Matt

    5:13 am


  2. Anon

    3:26 pm

    Man, I wish I’d known about the hidden police officer one before I made that u-turn a while back.

  3. adam

    5:07 pm

    Well played sir.