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25 March, 2012 in Funny | 7 Comments


  1. anon2105

    2:02 am

    Except… what about “color-blind” people?

  2. Name

    2:17 am

    Traffic lights are designed so colorblind people can drive. This design negates that feature :(

  3. ...

    12:15 pm

    Oh well, it seems like a cool idea until i realized that, too.

  4. Anonymous

    10:42 pm

    The amount of “sand” should still be visible to colorblind people, right?

  5. Hannah

    12:20 am

    Umm what about colorblind people? -__-

  6. Rod

    7:49 pm

    Number would make people hurry even more. (3… I still have time hurry up!).
    Also no so good for us, colorblind folks.

  7. Gustav

    8:44 pm

    You could augment this design for colourblind people. When the sand gets to the bottom, put a big X at the stop meaning stop.

    Then turn it around, remove the X when it’s time to go.