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  • Food coma
  • Alpaca haircuts
  • Goodbye, old friend
  • There is so much right with this girl
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  • Water barrel roll
  • Let me get that for you

13 June, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 5 Comments


  1. Jenny

    4:30 am

    I’ve seen most of these before, but I still have yet to understand the beach one. Can someone help me out?

    • Blackbird71

      6:04 pm

      The shadow of the flag looks like it’s the shadow of the platform and microphone, giving the illusion that it is floating a few feet above the sand.

  2. Sher

    1:37 pm

    The lady looks as if she is levitating! the shadow from the flag gives the illusion because it mimics the board she is standing on and the mic stand. =)

  3. Min

    5:41 pm

    Yeah, it looks like she is floating on a magic carpet because of the effect from the shadow of a flag.