• Finding Nemo’s Crush…
  • Butters on breakups…
  • Suspicious fox…
  • So that’s what it’s for…
  • Archaeologists uncover a strange artifact
  • The Credible Hulk
  • Sounds good to me
  • Typical Pokemon logic
  • Oh, I’m sorry
  • They just need love
  • Real life shortcuts
  • Sexy towel
  1. Mister

    5:42 pm

    Pretty sure this guy’s injuries were life threatening.

    • Mister

      5:48 pm

      No, instead this guy broke and dislocated both of his ankles, broke a wrist one of his lower legs, and some vertebra. A year after rehab, he killed himself because he still couldn’t ride properly. His name was Colin Winkleman. This is NOT funny.