• The Bathtub Test
  • Batman vs. Robin…
  • One does not simply tease the Willis…
  • Maybe later…
  • Baby seal
  • Let’s go my friend
  • Give me that! I’ll show you how a real man does it…
  • This is how most of my friendships work…
  • When a woman says “What?”
  • Little Bumblebee
  • No one’s ever going to believe you
  • Why do you smile like that?
  1. dmoney

    8:36 pm

    what am i supposed to see..?

  2. 111

    2:16 pm

    They’re logos. For example, the first two are Mastercard and Coca Cola.

  3. ingo

    7:56 pm

    dont know 3 and 5

  4. chelsea

    2:28 pm

    The only ones I see are Coke and Mastercard. :/

  5. anonymous

    8:58 am

    MasterCard, coca-cola, levi´s, kodak, chupa chups, burguer king and Heineken.