• Here comes that kid again…
  • Assemble the Avengers
  • And the genie said…
  • You don’t know someone until you see them game
  • Third world success
  • Every time I take a test…
  • Wait, it’s a trap!
  • I guess I’ll have a bath…
  • Stone Cold Beetle
  • During every test
  • I dare you
  • A lighter spawns a small universe when you flick it
  1. skyler

    2:43 pm

    Every candidate except one, Ron Paul.

  2. Anon

    7:30 pm

    Lol. Presidencies.

  3. Pcowan

    3:39 pm

    Check out Gary Johnson.

  4. The Amazing Show Girl

    5:57 pm

    It’s everyone, not everyone except that candidate I like.