• That was scary…
  • I am so close…
  • Bow ties…
  • Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • There are three types of killers in the world
  • Something that could actually be true…
  • At a party…
  • Have faith in the cookie…
  • I’m not saying it’s aliens…but it’s aliens
  • Siamese turtles
  • Interesting facts
  • Too confusing
  1. skyler

    2:43 pm

    Every candidate except one, Ron Paul.

  2. Anon

    7:30 pm

    Lol. Presidencies.

  3. Pcowan

    3:39 pm

    Check out Gary Johnson.

  4. The Amazing Show Girl

    5:57 pm

    It’s everyone, not everyone except that candidate I like.