• Extreme Hipsterness…
  • Meanwhile in New York…
  • NYC just lost power. The empire stands alone.
  • Ex-girlfriend is trying to communicate…
  • Let’s play…
  • A tauntaun’s temperature…
  • Evolution of dance…
  • When you realize you have a crush…
  • Cutting the grass
  • He’s been working on his roar…
  • Reception has been a problem for many years
  • Things that cause rape
  1. Red

    5:15 am

    Even demons need a ride sometimes.

  2. no one

    5:16 am

    Looks like chicago CTA!

  3. deandra

    5:18 am

    WTF is that…

  4. SammyJoe

    5:29 am

    LOL I wouldn’t go back there.

  5. Annoyed

    6:25 am

    Totally, I mean look at the hooker, seriously? Not appropriate.

  6. Erik Avila

    7:02 am

    This must be their red line! Love Chicago transit! FTW.