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15 May, 2012 in Funny | 10 Comments


  1. Elliot

    9:08 am

    I’m exactly in the same position.

  2. mel

    5:51 pm

    same with me, wow

  3. Falen-chan

    6:31 am


  4. pete

    11:51 pm

    Like a mirror.

  5. makajdsk

    1:46 pm

    No I have a mouth and a nose.

  6. p3wp3wp3w

    2:50 am

    Same. Even the eyes. Wow.

  7. bayla

    2:51 am

    lol not even close

  8. Britney

    9:41 am

    That’s awesome, I was exactly in the same position, it was like looking myself in the mirror, haha.

  9. Big Matt

    6:26 am

    Damn near…. my index finger on the left hand is extended for some reason..

  10. James

    8:14 pm

    Im using ipad. Not even close.