• Why have I never thought of this…
  • College note-taking nowadays…
  • I’m shy at first…
  • Alien Logic
  • Look at the black dot…
  • We should legalize it…
  • If this song was my wife…
  • Forever a prom
  • Don’t you hate it when it happens?
  • Freddie Mercury riding on the back of Darth Vader
  • Your move
  • Buy one, get two free.
  1. jpryan

    4:58 am

    I wish I was that cool.;)

  2. BioHarzard

    4:44 pm


  3. bubuchuchu

    7:40 pm

    The force is with him.

  4. Tony Ward

    6:19 pm

    Well he won’t be going over to the dark side!