• I’ve been waiting so long for this…
  • The cone that solves all your problems…
  • Desks through the years…
  • Who actually takes these pictures?
  • The Earth as seen from Mars
  • Rock on!
  • Peter Griffin in real life
  • Sometimes I feel like the walls are moving
  • Nosy Pepper
  • Batman vs. Iron Man
  • I hate when people do this when they talk
  • Teacher vowed not to shave until bin Laden killed or captured

4 September, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. jmbm

    1:42 am

    makes perfect sense to me…

  2. martinman300

    5:51 pm

    That’s my cousin

  3. billy bob thornbird

    11:58 pm

    So I married the snickers bar.