• Now it finally makes sense…
  • Aquarium phone booths…
  • Star Wars Custom R2-D2 Engagement Ring…
  • No time for lines…
  • Suddenly, studying is awesome…
  • It’s never how I picture it…
  • Let me check the lyrics…
  • The lyrics mean everything
  • Girls in college
  • How I imagine Kanye West
  • I made you some toast…
  • This is what Pippi Longstocking looks like now
  1. Jelly

    1:21 am

    what kind of dog is this?! gorgeous

  2. Anon

    9:11 pm

    I like how the dog replaced the baby.

  3. illy

    12:59 pm


  4. Earl of Twilight

    1:51 pm

    It might be a small Huskie, or a Shiba Inu.

  5. Ted Miyakawa

    3:15 pm

    I believe this is Shiba – Japanese Dog.