• Meanwhile, in Canadian physics class
  • Nice wig, buddy…
  • Not turning my clock back…
  • This makes me sad…
  • Not actual size…
  • When religions fight…
  • The rarest thing I know
  • I think I will sit here…
  • Well played, kid
  • Exercise while you eat
  • Easter Island’s secret
  • RIP Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011
  1. Anon

    10:25 am

    I want one.

    • salem

      8:23 pm

      You just can see it with a microscope…

  2. Tbizzle

    8:25 pm

    Tardigrade… the only grade lower than F.

  3. Louise Hannah

    7:48 am

    It is very cute, even though it looks like a Dr. Who monster made from a hoover bag! I love it.