• If Mona Lisa was alive today…
  • I just realized this…
  • Bambi meets Godzilla…
  • The Life of a Procrastinator…
  • Rain for 40 days…
  • Tony Stark, always prepared…
  • Facebook and Google are the same thing right?
  • Gender equality
  • Well, so much for the Leprechaun
  • Freaks
  • Just Mahatma Gandhi dancing. That’s it.
  • Runnnnn!
  1. Gri

    2:20 am

    What the name of this series or film?

  2. Stonecold

    10:25 am

    It’s a scene from an Indian movie.

  3. rohan

    11:47 am

    It’s ‘Singham’… an indian film.

  4. Phrost

    8:38 am

    I will not sleep till I’ve seen this film!