• Making art with socks…
  • Three’s a crowd…
  • Truck, what are you doing?
  • Dear rappers…
  • You have my sword, and my bow…
  • Leaving the nest…
  • At a party…
  • Fusion level: Platypus
  • I brought you a flower
  • Can I please stay here tonight?
  • Trombama
  • A different kind of fountain
  1. mary

    2:28 pm

    Not sure how i feel about this one.

  2. Kittycouru

    8:38 pm

    It would be considered recycling. Either way, when you die, your body goes back to the earth. So why not help a tree grow by fertilizing it?

  3. Herp

    10:10 pm

    Would you come back as a tree, or a “Flood” from Halo?