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31 October, 2011 in Studying | 8 Comments


  1. dali

    9:20 pm

    This isn’t true. Notice all of these are scriptures from the Old Testament, meaning they were rules set up and given to tribes before the arrival of Jesus Christ. The New Testament and Old Testament are seperated for a reason. These aren’t applicable to people living after 0 AD.

    • Ann

      12:52 am

      They’re applicable if you’re Jewish.

      The bible still bans those things, so you can’t say “this isn’t true”. It’s right there in black and white. It’s just that later texts in the bible un-ban them.

      • rfm

        1:03 am

        You’re pretty annoying. Why do you feel the need to just b*tch at whatever anyone says?

  2. rfm

    1:02 am

    Dante Shepherd is so beautiful.

  3. jmh

    8:02 am

    There are about two Christian-bashing posts on here a day, and about 0 Muslim-bashing posts ever. I wonder why that is. Probably because Christians are so intolerant and violent.

    • Grantsup

      7:10 am

      That’s very intolerant of you to say.

    • Annoyed

      8:11 pm

      “Probably because Christians are so intolerant and violent.” hahahah, is that a joke? I can’t stand Christians but Muslims shouldn’t be throwing stones either, that’s a whole different world of intolerance right there.

  4. Thanks

    3:51 am

    This isn’t meant as a Christian bashing post, it is meant as ridicule of society’s current use of the Christian bible’s non-gay policies as a deterrent of gay marriage and/or partnership. Also, I myself am a Christian, so I do not appreciate your narrow and stereotypical views of Christians. Another thing, if this is “not applicable” as you say, then why does society quote verses from the chapter of Leviticus in an attempt to rally support against gay marriage? All of you on here, you should have a little background information of this topic if you want to actually make a useful and thought-provoking contribution to this discussion.