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  1. Jessica

    12:13 am

    That’s what she said.

  2. juan

    2:09 am

    That’s amazing.

  3. falk

    3:01 pm

    This the only photo?

  4. adolphinashephard

    6:03 pm

    Looks like it represents a cyclops.

  5. asd

    8:02 pm

    More about the excavation > eisp.org

  6. pete

    8:13 pm

    That deep must be way older than previously thought.

  7. tom hanley

    1:33 am

    They dug several up quite a few years ago this is not new info, also all statues face in away from the sea to the villages.

  8. jack glavonja

    9:05 pm

    Dead people are in stone.