• Typical Sleeping Routine…
  • Oh, a falling star!
  • Super hero cake…
  • New favorite reptile…
  • What really is down there…
  • Everything makes sense now
  • Laughing rabbit finds you funny
  • Traffic lights reinvented
  • Third world gamer
  • USA vs. Canada
  • Deep thought
  • Being an ugly woman

7 October, 2011 in Music | 4 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    5:43 pm

    Lmfao like Bieber even has anything to grab!

  2. kullervo

    6:09 am

    No, fail x6. A man who conceived his children with a turkey baster is not deserving of epic. It’s surprising he knew where to grope himself.

    • Big Matt

      5:19 am

      And he still made more money before he was 20 than you will in your whole life.