• Now we are doomed…
  • You know you live in Wales when…
  • 15 facts about the brain…
  • Drop the bass!
  • Girls with big breasts will understand…
  • Easier to explain
  • Taxonomy test
  • Flipping off a truck
  • Tim Curry chillin’ on the set of ‘It’
  • The dark side of the Louvre
  • Pictures that make you think
  • No one will ever hate Twilight more than Robert Pattinson does

29 August, 2010 in Comedy | 3 Comments


  1. mario its a me

    4:17 am

    how are these guys?

  2. luigi

    3:47 pm

    they are good, I heard

  3. Chester

    9:52 pm

    This is so amazing and hilarious.