• Really cold…
  • I need some space…
  • Wale does not approve of the new iPhone…
  • Ginger Bread Man
  • Paint Riddle
  • Higher marks
  • A conversation with your dentist
  • Please give this seat to the elderly or disabled
  • Facebook is like fridges
  • How did I fail?
  • Eh. I’ll just pretend it’s the 90′s.
  • Everything is going according to plan
  1. Yours

    10:55 pm

    Oh Harry… such a creep.

  2. bob

    11:01 pm

    Damn it Harry.

  3. trudy clark

    10:12 pm

    Oh this just breaks my heart, you can feel the pain and the loss I have watched and enjoyed Harry Potter and the crew in every movie and every book from the start and will never stop. And each time I read or see I remember that time, place and chapter where I was and what I was doing and the time I share these feelings with my children and my grandchildren. thanking the cast and the crew of Harry Potter.

  4. trudy clark

    10:16 pm

    Will there be another movie? I read that they might put out another movie from cuts and out takes from all the other ones, that would be nice.