• It’s going to be a great story…
  • End of the world cake…
  • You can’t not read it in his voice…
  • I’ve been doing it all wrong…
  • Who wants to play an instrument?
  • It didn’t go as expected…
  • Facebook 2:15
  • Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
  • I figured it out
  • Ice skating on Paterswoldse Meer, Netherlands
  • A clean house
  • If I had a third arm this would be it’s primary use
  1. Chambers

    12:00 pm

    Some of these are just similes…

  2. railman

    10:29 pm

    I have heard the freight train one before. It actually happened in Britain and the two places were York and Peterborough.

  3. Jay29

    6:24 pm

    I kinda like the vegetable soup one.