• Haha, this frog is so dumAAHHHH!
  • Pavlov?
  • Way too late, but here you go…
  • It’s not worth it…
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night…
  • Muggles gonna muggle
  • How your printer works
  • Atheist cat
  • Meanwhile in Bulgaria…
  • Trolling old people
  • Well the sound quality is pretty good but…
  • Why dogs bite their owners
  1. Chambers

    12:00 pm

    Some of these are just similes…

  2. railman

    10:29 pm

    I have heard the freight train one before. It actually happened in Britain and the two places were York and Peterborough.

  3. Jay29

    6:24 pm

    I kinda like the vegetable soup one.