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10 October, 2011 in Funny | 6 Comments


  1. Oxford grad

    2:28 pm

    The fact that you’ve used ‘Europeans’ just shows how ignorant you yourself are.

  2. Actual European.

    6:42 pm

    Yeah, no. That’s not true even for the ancient Europeans.

  3. Jomandaman

    9:41 pm

    As an American, I find this extremely hilarious. Shut up, ‘Europeans’.

  4. Actual European

    8:34 am

    Quite right besides China, Japan, etc.

  5. Mr. European

    11:48 am

    Whoever made this knows nothing about europeans.

  6. some "European"

    3:53 am

    Whoever made this, forgot that he could make this joke because “Europeans” were there at some point in his/her “history” =)