• Penguin Titanic…
  • An interesting find…
  • That was a close call…
  • Life as a worm…
  • Wedding rings with the waveform of the couple’s own voices. “I do”.
  • Summer is here…
  • Silly dog, couches are for people
  • Ken and Ryu before Street Fighter
  • When life gets harder…
  • Someone is going to regret his decision one day
  • I miss you
  • Needle and thread under an electron microscope

3 August, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. bob

    10:22 pm

    It’s to protect people from “Trojan” mishaps. But then with the “Trojan Man” commercials you know it doesn’t matter anymore if the name is ascew.

  2. Kate

    3:38 pm

    The Trojan Horse was an attack ON Troy. The Trojans didn’t make it. The reason they had to resort to the Trojan horse was because the ACTUAL Trojans were an unstoppable military force.