• Good friends and best friends…
  • This pun’s a doozie…
  • Such generosity…
  • No, don’t do it…
  • Deceived Dog
  • Caribbean piracy
  • Look, Simba…
  • “Sorry the dog is not here, he’s… somewhere else…”
  • My school life
  • Oh look…
  • Frodo turning into a Gollum-like creature…
  • Edward Cullen’s ashes

25 April, 2012 in Movies | 4 Comments


  1. Cadu

    4:00 pm

    Makes sense…

  2. Kate

    3:10 pm

    Neither Simba nor Cinderella are orphans. Cinderella’s dad remarried her Evil Step Mother (funny how that works?) and Simba’s mom… just never died. In the end she tells him how happy she is that he returned to save the pride-lands.

  3. Lindsay

    2:24 pm

    Also the Joker was around before Robin came into play.

  4. Intelligent

    2:27 pm

    Ron and Hermione weren’t necessarily social outcasts either… They got bullied by some Slytherin kids, but who didn’t? Everyone else loved them. None of the Hobbits were social outcasts either. They were in fact high standing members of society, besides Sam who was still loved by most. Also, in the vein of Joseph Campbell, this list would be a lot better if you added the supernatural aids for each character. i.e. Rafiki, Dumbledore, Ra’s Al Ghul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fairy Godmother, Gandalf, and Bagheera may also work as supernatural aid.