• Me at work everyday…
  • Gifts can change your life…
  • Dogs know the feel of losing friends…
  • Forget it, dude…
  • Just five friends having fun
  • Greetings earthlings
  • Earth’s borders
  • How I think I look like after I get a haircut
  • Otterly relaxing
  • Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman on the set of Léon
  • Peeing like a boss
  • Angry American Kirby vs Happy Japanese Kirby
  1. RFM

    7:05 pm

    This certainly isn’t supposed to be accurate….

  2. goat

    7:00 pm

    Accurate because earth by mass is not much water. Most of the earth is made of iron and stuff in the middle. Water is only on the surface.