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  1. CheerstoLilWayne

    6:32 pm

    So gay relationships are always perfect and all heterosexual marriages are based on divorce or the rest have eloped? I am all for gay marriage but this kind of thing where they take the worst of one side and the best of the other and compare them. How low can you get?

    • Savi

      11:28 pm

      They’re not saying that all gay and straight marriages resemble the examples above. They’re just saying that those particular scenarios exist, are common, and their legal status is as indicated in the comic. The statement the comic is making is that there are plenty of examples of straight couples ruining the sanctity of marriage; so it doesn’t make sense disallow a committed couple to marry just because they’re the same gender.

    • Jack

      4:36 pm

      Please do not argue with that idea. I mean, seriously? Of course not every relationship hetero or not is going to be perfect. I know plenty of people that are straight and have wonderful, lasting relationships. However, this comic outlines the fact that people that are not straight, that do have responsible relationships – ones that love for each other indefinitely – cannot be married because it’s not legal. How pathetic of an argument. It’s not “how low can you get,” it’s more like, how close-minded can you be? =p

  2. Anon

    2:55 am

    Actually, in many places, the first frame is illegal as well. You’re not supposed to be allowed to get married while drunk.

  3. Nino

    11:33 pm

    I completely agree with the comic. Every word of it is true! (anyone catch that?)
    I don’t believe in run down, Las Vegas churches. I do believe that even though you’ve been married multiple times you can still find love. I do believe in a bible that states that homosexuality is real and can be full of love; but not the love that constitutes a marriage.

  4. Jase

    4:20 pm

    ^You’re living in the past. Your bible needs to grow up.

  5. Stoop kid

    4:32 pm

    I personally have nothing against homosexuals, but marriage, in my opinion is between a man/woman. That’s why everyone In the country who wants to be “married” should have to get a civil union. Homosexuals would be allowed to do this to and since everyone would have a civil union, it wouldn’t be a telltale sign that someone is gay, furthermore, if you are religiouse and still want to get married you can do that on your own in the same way it happens today, but it won’t show up on a record for employers or whatever. Just what I think,