• Every time I forget my grocery list…
  • Every morning…
  • How Love Usually Works…
  • British accent vs. American accent
  • No one will ever find it
  • Pugnacity
  • Christmas kitten is not amused
  • Shout out to all the little girls…
  • 10 points to Maximus Meridius
  • Probably going to hell for laughing at this
  • Trapped fly
  • I don’t care

30 November, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. sorryhadtogrammartroll

    10:28 pm

    If you weren’t one of them, you’d know to say “number.”

  2. kullervo

    12:54 am

    Thank you, sorryhadtogrammartroll. I had intended to say the same thing.