• You’re not a space traveler, you’re just a toy…
  • Jury of English Majors…
  • I went home and cried…
  • You ordered some pizza?
  • Um… seriously what?
  • The worst way to get friendzoned…
  • Absolutely no faith in humanity left anymore…
  • Lady Gaga look-alikes
  • Trolling old people
  • Thirsty boxer
  • You’re doing it right, Rowan Atkinson
  • Happens every time
  1. Skip S.

    10:21 am

    Always such a let down when expecting chocolate. Raisins . . . just so ordinary.

  2. Daryl Ducharme

    4:27 pm

    When I clicked through from facebook I thought this might have something to do with Cookie Monster always eating other people’s cookies.