• That profile picture looks suspicious…
  • Ringwraiths don’t like water…
  • Sorry, Timmy…
  • Batman vs. Iron Man
  • Groceries…
  • Net hairstyle
  • Now that’s a bit harsh, Chinese restaurant
  • The time you enjoy wasting
  • Reef
  • Just a family photo… wait, WTF?
  • That explains it
  • Born to Troll
  1. Maria

    3:28 pm

    I definitely made a reference to this movie in class the other day. Little Mitchie has hypokalemia (low potassium) which can lead to acute metabolic alkalosis if he doesn’t manage it. And it did, hence cramming the bananas down his throat. Science, b*tches.

  2. Bee

    4:25 am

    So true!