• I’m quitting life to become a burrito…
  • The greatest success in cookie history
  • Perfect Galaxy Shot
  • Otter Gangnam Style…
  • Mechanic Win
  • Are you short sighted?
  • Cookie Monster cake
  • Wiggle wiggle wiggle
  • Loyal to the bitter end
  • Moooom, you’re messing up my mane
  • Sorry kid… Wait, wrong way…
  • Would you like a bag, sir?
  1. Maria

    3:28 pm

    I definitely made a reference to this movie in class the other day. Little Mitchie has hypokalemia (low potassium) which can lead to acute metabolic alkalosis if he doesn’t manage it. And it did, hence cramming the bananas down his throat. Science, b*tches.

  2. Bee

    4:25 am

    So true!