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4 February, 2012 in Comics, Pictures | 16 Comments


  1. Miki

    5:21 am

    So sad. :’( R.I.P mother .

  2. Lauren

    12:26 pm

    This is so sad and beautiful.

  3. susu

    3:25 pm

    I know this made me cry. T_T

  4. Terrie

    5:13 am

    Deeply touched, how sweet of the mother.

  5. Marc

    5:51 am

    God’s love passed from one generation to another!

  6. some guy

    8:56 am

    Sorry guys, hoax. snopes.com/glurge/quakemother.asp

  7. Rusty

    11:18 am

    I don’t buy that. Why can’t they show the mother?

  8. B Davis

    5:50 pm

    Mother’s* love.

  9. Pat

    6:30 pm

    Aww this makes me cry :’(

  10. Kelly

    9:45 pm

    Crying, what a beautiful story, truly a story about love.

    And Marc unless you know something I don’t about this story, your comment was inappropriate, as nether the Mother nor the Child are likely followers of Abraham’s “God” you referenced, you various Judeo-Christian groups forget that not only are there other peoples and religions in the world, but there are areas of the world where yours is not the dominant faith.
    The great love displayed by this Mother was a heroic human act, not a religious one, and you are making her love and her sacrifice less by attributing them to your god.

    • Lady

      9:19 pm

      The concept of “God” doesn’t just belong to Christians, Kelly. I think the point of Marc’s comment is that he was touched. Whether you choose to believe or not, don’t shoot down someone else’s views. It just makes you look like a hatemonger. Just look at the illustration and be happy that there are decent human beings in the world.

    • Goomba

      8:20 am

      Well said!

  11. joanne

    11:40 am

    God that would make the hardest of people cry.

  12. bingo

    1:56 am

    Actually yes.

    Invisible dude in the sky, possibly existing,though by the account, i hope not, dude seems far far from loving.

    Mothers love, real and true.

    And even if this story is not true, its still true.

  13. Will

    9:14 pm

    Kelly, way to focus on someone else’s belief system and try to make them feel shitty about it because you think differently. Perhaps you should try focusing more on curbing your ego than on nitpicking at other people’s ideals… Oh, and before you even bother, no, I’m not any type of Christian, but it’s pointless for you to bash someone that way. They were trying to find the words to describe the story above, not to entice you to whine about who believes in what.

  14. Will... Again.

    4:55 am

    Lol, love how my comment to Kelly was deleted. Apparently telling someone they probably shouldn’t spend their time putting people down for whatever turn of speech they wish to use to describe an amazing feeling, and getting all uptight about religion is worse than b*tching about someone ABOUT saying religious things.