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  1. Walter K. Azereth

    5:37 pm

    Very well drawn, funny and so damn true ! That’s awesome, I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time !

    • Ollie Williams

      8:09 pm

      If this made you laugh harder than you have in a long time, you need to get out more.

      • Black U Weather

        8:01 pm

        IT’S GON’ RAIN!

      • Moronhater

        12:33 pm

        If Family Guy makes you laugh so much that you name yourself after a character, you need to burn down your mom’s basement.

        • Zia

          1:31 am

          If you know such an obscure Family Guy character, you need to burn down your mothers house.

          • hark

            2:18 am

            Actually not obscure at all.

  2. JeniusNurd

    1:07 pm

    Yes, this can be frustrating. But let’s use our nerd brains here and turn the situation around by *pretending* we haven’t made it through the puzzle. Of course, once we formulate our plan, we can start to offer up some *innocent* help.

    At first, it can’t work – to cover your tracks. But then, you start to give *suggestions* that make her think she’s doing it on her own. All the meanwhile making headway with her rapport until BAM! Enter the negotiation phase. This is where she gets so close to solving the puzzle that she starts making promises to you for more help. Granted, she must be that kind of gamer and you must play the cards right. But if all works out, you might just end up with some beer, food, and a *good time* or two – if you catch my drift.

    This, my friend, is the way of the nerd.

  3. KniceNurd

    12:10 am

    ^The evil nerd, yeah.

  4. Vedette

    6:02 pm

    the evil nerd moves.

  5. LDB

    1:30 am

    My boyfriend doesn’t even bother waiting around for me to beat something. He’ll rip the controller out of my hands and do it himself and then I get mad. Usually we play video games for about ten minutes before I have to turn it off because he gets me mad. Our relationship has lasted because we don’t play video games together XD!

  6. Anon

    6:01 am

    ^ Sounds healthy.

  7. Lilith

    3:52 pm

    I know the feeling. That’s why my boyfriend doesn’t allow me to be around him when he plays games. I don’t take the controller, but I always solve the puzzles before him. Poor guy, having a nerd girlfriend.

  8. Digital Atheist

    4:21 pm

    AAAAAAAAAAGH… i just got done trying to solve a puzzle in Portal and here i stumble on a cartoon with Portal in it… :O

  9. ilanf2

    12:17 am

    (watches this, then remembers iJustine’s playthrough of Portal) *shrudders*

    • Rainor

      5:18 am

      Oh yes, I get this feeling in every video in that series…

    • SeamusMcCullagh

      7:13 am

      Now that I’ve watched her walk around in circles for 5 minutes trying to figure out how Portals work, I can totally sympathize with you. I have never been so close to smashing my monitor with a hammer. Hell, my monitor probably deserves an honorable viking funeral pyre for displaying that garbage.

  10. RayWilliamJohnson

    4:34 pm

    Is it wrong if this picture gave me a boner?

  11. pooj

    4:22 am

    he looks like abraham lincoln

  12. Fina

    2:02 am

    This is hilariously true. But hey now, let’s be fair here. I beat the single player before my boyfriend did! He beat the multiplayer with a friend before he even started playing with me, which is why he found it frustrating to watch me working out the puzzles. But I found it equally hard watching him working on the single player puzzles after I’d beat it.

  13. chris

    1:07 pm

    that level was a sonofagun

  14. frostfire20

    5:02 pm

    I hate beating something, and watching someone else struggle with the same thing. Not just on Portal, but any game really.

  15. yarble

    5:08 pm

    I know exactly what she has to do next… x)