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  1. Dass poon

    10:33 pm

    13 years ago

  2. Marcello

    11:09 pm

    Not 18 but 13 years ago, dude. Don’t frighten me, please…

  3. bogrodge

    12:08 am

    fight club wasnt out 18 years ago?

  4. eLTeezy

    1:31 am

    Except it was a book… written by an author… Not Brad Pitt. lol

  5. booksbooksbooks

    4:49 am

    yeah the book came out 16 years ago, the movie 13. i have no idea where 18 came from.

  6. Zac

    6:15 am

    The book came out in 1996… So it’d be wrong either way. Plus there’s no logical reason to use a picture of Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden and then proceed to talk about the book version =\