• That’s right sweety…
  • Every time I get a text…
  • Please save him…
  • Every time I click on ‘I accept the terms and conditions’
  • Someone invented the Internet?
  • After I finish watching a TV series…
  • I should have listened…
  • Uh Doctor, your thumbtack fell out…
  • I can’t sleep…
  • So this is what they meant by ‘forever alone’
  • Teapot crab
  • Lord of The Rings Revision

28 September, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Ann

    2:52 am

    You kidding me?
    It’s like going in to a job interview for a job you’re not qualified for, and having the boss say “this is a great resume, but unfortunately not for this job. You may want to try elsewhere. We’re going to hire someone who is qualified for the job we’re seeking to fill.” I mean obviously you don’t have everything she’s looking for. She’s not attracted to you.

    “Nice guy syndrome”. A girl is not required to go out with you just because you’re her friend. If you are only friends with her because you hope she’ll go out with you, you’re a pretty s****y friend. Develop a pair of testicles. Ask her out, or stop being friends with her.

  2. bobbiraptor

    11:34 am

    That’s bull. And if you’re thinking about dating in terms of applying for jobs than she probably thinks you’re really, really creepy.

  3. S'more

    4:15 am

    The above two comments are menstruating.