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  1. James Allen

    6:52 pm

    I hate these for multiple reasons…
    -”No one cries” is a gross exaggeration. Of course people cry.
    -This is using a reaction toward someone’s death to criticize other people.
    -This only makes people feel bad. These sort of pictures do NOT convince people to change, only feel guilty. This picture was undoubtedly created by someone who enjoys feeling above other people.

    The death of ANY person deserves grief, but this is pure propaganda.

  2. ogg

    8:59 pm

    While I agree with you to some degree I’d say it’s more likely that the reason for this picture is the extreme media cover these guys get. He’s been dying for years and when at last happens he gets his face smashed up on every newspaper in the world for 6 days straight.
    Sure he was kindof important, sure he was rich, but please once is enough, you don’t need to make a “story of his life” article in every bloody newspaper in the world.

    Conclusion: it’s more likely the creator of this pic is fed up with the media like most semi-intelligent to intelligent fellows are today.

    Or he’s just a big troll and you’re just feeding it ;)

  3. Gina

    3:47 pm

    Whether he was “kind of important” is a matter of opinion. For many of us in the IT world, he was huge. An innovator and an important person to follow. His products and business sense is leading the way for many entrepreneurs of this day which is creating jobs and money in our economic sector. This poster is propaganda and to say no cries is utter bs. The problem with bleeding heart liberals is that they have tunnel vision and lose site of their own humanity in statements like this. Unless you are donating money every month to the fight in the Congo or volunteering to help these people in the jungles of Africa you have no right to make such a comparison. I myself am sick of seeing bumper sticker toting wannabes cast judgement on people.

  4. Guilherme Batista

    12:43 pm

    I do not agree with this comparison! Comparison of type idiot and a hypocrite … What the author of this post is making important to “change the world”?