• Burned on live television…
  • Dammit Tigger…
  • Using public transportation like a sir…
  • They still haven’t noticed…
  • Dads against daughters dating
  • The scream that Gotham deserves
  • Just when you thought someone that dumb couldn’t exist…
  • The most epic garage of all time
  • Meanwhile, in my love life…
  • Just a girl training with her dog
  • Pen cap eating utensils
  • You sad, bro?
  1. 10futbol13

    7:25 am

    What is this?!

  2. gryphlet

    11:09 pm

    my guess would be a hippo?

  3. judaya

    7:38 pm

    you scrubs, it’s a baby hippo

  4. donnau1

    11:31 am

    what’s so cute about that lol

  5. Leah

    5:33 pm

    It’s a hairless guinea pig.