• They don’t suspect a thing…
  • Of course they were…
  • This puppy’s smile..
  • And they’re everywhere…
  • Go home clock…
  • Please Disney…
  • So that’s why they always win…
  • A well-tailored suit
  • That moment when you can’t stop laughing…
  • A Ball of Mackerel
  • I was waiting for you
  • Bill Hicks, legend

26 September, 2011 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. huh

    12:49 am

    Yes you can, stick your tongue out all the way XD

  2. Bill

    1:58 am

    Yes you can. Put your index finger in between your lips while saying M.

  3. pognet

    8:12 am

    You can, you just have to stick your fingers in-between.

  4. Araruna

    2:01 pm

    But you can, if you put some fingers between them =D