• Bird security system…
  • Jesus Cat…
  • Ocean Gangnam Style…
  • This morning in Germany…
  • When I’m home alone…
  • Every time I try to insert my opinion into a heated argument
  • At first…
  • Cautious cat
  • A spooning robot
  • Oh hai Mr. Vick!
  • Spider Cat is on the loose
  • Insanity Hills of San Francisco

5 October, 2011 in Funny | 5 Comments


  1. tkubgked

    4:26 pm

    @Anders they edited the cinderella pictures to make it look like the royal couple. It’s not supposed to look like they copied Cinderella.

  2. Jessica

    6:13 pm

    And the Cinderella step sister’s outfits have been photo-shopped to match. http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/1900000/Evil-Stepsisters-cinderella-1974433-300-221.jpg

  3. RFM

    7:00 pm

    It’s most definitely supposed to look like they copied Cinderella, that’s why it says “that’s suspicious” otherwise that would make no sense.

  4. patrick

    8:29 am

    Yasus! What a bunch of annoying nitpickers. It’s a visual joke. Relax!