• Something you probably don’t know…
  • It’s going to be OK…
  • Listening music at 100% volume…
  • Knock knock…
  • Why sometimes I decide not to post on Facebook…
  • Who’s the one angry while playing Angry Birds
  • Bioluminescent Phytoplankton
  • Just a young Steve Irwin and a platypus
  • My Facebook chat
  • I shall use this line next time…
  • Young Maggie Smith (Harry Potter’s Prof. McGonagall)
  • What is it? Can we eat it?

31 January, 2012 in Pictures, Scary | 3 Comments


  1. Annoyed

    5:31 am

    Or she’s just a really unfortunate burn victim.

  2. guest

    1:16 pm


  3. coolbrah

    12:48 am

    This is fake, FYI.