• People on the Internet should not be parents…
  • Trust me kid…
  • Beer pong for awesome people…
  • A wild Brian appears…
  • Apply cold water to burned area…
  • Misunderstood shark
  • Not all superheroes have money…
  • Deep wise thought
  • Great kings
  • Yo Bach, spare some change?
  • Making a giant Martin Luther King, Jr. mural out of Rubik’s cubes
  • Keepin’ it real

15 August, 2012 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. Norm

    7:44 pm

    Good one, kiddo! The only thing I believe in, is Beatles!

  2. Mrs. Beiberrrrrrrrrr

    3:45 am

    Last name: “beiberr.” yeah, right..

  3. Mohatma

    4:34 pm

    More quality status updates from Annoying Facebook Girl whose last name is “beiberr.”

  4. Jesse

    8:04 am

    1. Copy pasted.
    2. Bieber fan.