• Batcave made out of 20,000 LEGO pieces…
  • Drop it…
  • Beauty in Destruction
  • Only men know how it feels…
  • Now you’re sleeping with portals
  • Iridescent blue iceberg
  • Chemical pick up line
  • Trolled by a whole family
  • How I feel when I get out of the movie theater in the middle of the day
  • College in a nutshell
  • Doing my homework
  • Rated M

14 December, 2011 in Memories | 4 Comments


  1. autck

    9:04 pm

    I can see the picture and… it’s beautiful.

  2. anonymous

    9:15 pm

    Picture link is broken.

  3. cough

    9:26 pm

    The picture doesn’t work.

  4. Chewbacca

    9:44 pm

    What is the image about? I only see a broken file.